Lim Ee Seok Therma Dermatology with AstrodomeFacial !

You could find OxygenCeuticals
#Astronaut Toning #Astronaut Therapy
in Lim Ee Seok Therma Dermatology clinic!

Let’s find out about Astronaut Toning Treatment~!


This clinic is located in Sinsa station ~
It is easy to find !!

A lot of people are familiar with Lim Ee Seok since he is famous
There are so many surgical procedures going on in this hospital
and give good advice for people!

Not only locals but also foreigners visit this place to take care of their skin
It is extremely effective and trustworthy ~


He uses AstrodomeFacial’s
#Oxygen Therapy #Astronaut Toning
to many customers and take good care of them.

Let’s find out about ‘Astronaut Toning’ in Lim Ee Seok dermatology clinic!



In Therma Dermatology,
they use OxygenCeuticals products which is pore Mask and Cryogenic Activator mixed together.

Starts with bubble foam cleanser which is soft cleansing~

After cleansing, they use oxygen gun that sprays with Anion.
It could definitely remove waste products that is deep inside the skin!


After cleansing,
use oxygen gun that sprays Anion to the skin.


Anion is really effective for skin to protect itself from detrimental environment.
It makes skin condition to get better by therapy effect.

I think we now know why Therma Dermatology recommends
#oxygen therapy #astronaut toning after laser or strong surgical procedures ~!


After spraying solution Ample,
combine OxygenCeutical’s HA Gel and Toning Gel!
Spread it on the whole face ~


#Astronaut Toning’s Main point
Cover the whole face with ‘AstroDomeMask’ !


You could select the color according to your skin type!
It sprays anion which is good for the skin so, it has multi therapy effects!