OxygenCeuticals ‘Acell & Aqua serum’ for dry skin


Hello guys~
I am sure a lot of you guys suffer from dry skin especially in Winter that is freezing!


“If your skin is dry, it becomes sensitive”
If there is lack of moisture on skin, it becomes really dry and sensitive than normal skin.
Then how can we replenish moisture?

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Especially for dry skin, it is important to replenish moisture and prevent from losing moisture!


OxygenCeuticals’ Moisture Aqua serum can replenish moisture on dry skin which is “Moisture Serum”
Your skin can easily absorb it~


Aqua serum contains “Hyaluronic acid” that keeps moisture
“Jojoba oil” can help create protective layer for dry skin to prevent from losing moisture
“Green Tea Extract” is also contained to soothe sensitive skin

OxygenCeuticals “Moisture Aqua Serum” is contained with good ingredients for skin and it can replenish moisture for dry skin.


Another solution recommended for dry skin


“Acell-300 Fluid”
“Moisture Ample”

Acell-300 Fluid is one of main product for OxygenCeuticals
It could replenish moisture on skin and makes skin dewy!

Right after applying on face, you could feel moisture and seems like your face is dewy.


In Acell-300 Fluid, Asiatic Knotweed, Honey leaf extracts are contained.
This product contains OxygenCeuticals patent ingredients and has been produced with 300 researches.


Acell-300 Fluid can keep moisture  and could produce moisture protective layer “Moisture 2nd layer system”.
It can be used for dry skin effectively.


It is okay to use “Moisture Aqua serum” and “Acell-300 Fluid” seperately but if you use both products simultaneously, it is much more effective for your skin to get moisturized!



You could see before and after using the product!

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Isn’t this amazing?

Don’t worry about dry skin and be with OxygenCeuticals together!


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