Unauthorized Resellers

OxygenCeuticals products are sold exclusively through skin professionals’ private website portals, selected spas and medical spas, or other authorized resellers. 
OxygenCeuticals does not offer its products through individuals, street vendors, Internet auctions or unauthorized online retailers. When a product is purchased from unauthorized sellers, OxygenCeuticals cannot guarantee the authenticity, safety, quality, and efficacy of the product.
We have observed diverted OxygenCeuticals skincare products on unauthorized retailers and marketplace website. Our team is constantly spending a lot of time and resources to target unauthorized online resellers and remove OxygenCeuticals skincare products from these websites. Should you know anyone who is selling OxygenCeuticals skincare products without our authorization, please let us know via phone or email to: coizintl@gmail.com
Additionally, OxygenCeuticals will not accept returns for products purchased through any unauthorized retailers. The OxygenCeuticals money-back guarantee is not applicable to any sales made on the internet to the general public (except as permitted under the OxygenCeuticals Dealer Policy) or to other re-sellers, internet sites, or third-party auction sites.
*Note: Below is a list of identified unauthorized resellers. We will update the list time to time to protect our authorized resellers.  

1) Beautystage1 (Amazon & Ebay) - NOT Authorized

2) eBay - NOT Authorized

3) Wallmart - NOT Authorized

4) Fishponds - NOT Authorized