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Authorized Retailers

At OxygenCeuticals™, we are committed to remaining true to our origins by providing only the highest quality professional-grade skincare products to our customers. Our commitment extends through our carefully selected Authorized Retailers, including Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and other Skincare Professionals, who can personally recommend the best combination of OxygenCeuticals™ Skincare products and facial services for your specific skin goals.

Ensure you always receive authentic, high-quality OxygenCeuticals™ skincare products by purchasing exclusively from our Authorized OxygenCeuticals skincare Professionals and Retailers. To check the location of authorized retailers near you use the "Find A Pro" page or click here.

We have observed diverted OxygenCeuticals™ skincare products on unauthorized retailers and marketplace websites. Our team is constantly targeting unauthorized online resellers to remove OxygenCeuticals™ skincare products from these websites. Should you be aware of any unauthorized sellers selling OxygenCeuticals™ skincare products, please let us know via email at

*Note: OxygenCeuticals™ will not accept returns for products purchased through any unauthorized retailers. Below is a list of identified unauthorized resellers. We update the list as applicable to protect our authorized resellers.  

  • Beautystage1 (Amazon & Ebay) - NOT Authorized
  • SMT Korea (Amazon) - NOT Authorized
  • eBay - NOT Authorized
  • Walmart - NOT Authorized
  • Fishponds - NOT Authorized
  • AMI Ventures Inc - NOT Authorized