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Brand Story

Oxygen-Based Skincare Backed by Science

Professional Skincare Brand Specialized Post-Procedure Care

Pure O2


Cosmetic +


Brand Identity

“Breathe Life Into Your Skin”

A post-treatment solution system that combines the biochemical benefits of pure oxygen with skincare.

OxygenCeuticals provides skincare solutions that incorporate pure oxygen into sensitized skin following dermatological procedures.

Our oxygen-based skincare solutions are customized
for individual skin concerns and used in both professional services and home care.

Brand Identity

Specialized Post-Procedure Care

OxygenCeuticals' post-treatment program helps soothe and regenerate skin after various cosmetic procedures.

We use the energy of pure oxygento promote healthy skin respiration leading to revitalized, glowing skin.

OxygenCeuticals Science

Pure Oxygen in Dermatology

breathe life into your skin

Enhance the Skin's
Natural Defense Barriers

Our O2-based solutions calm irritated skin and
accelerate skin recovery by inducing skin cell respiration.

Purifying Skincare

Oxygen increases skin metabolism, thus promoting skin cell turnover and the expulsion of skin waste products.

Anti-Oxidative Effects

Oxygen solutions work to remove free radicals that can be detrimental to skin aging while also balancing the skin's pH levels.

Oxygen-infused water utilizing
the effective mechanisms of pure O2.

All products contain the cleanest and most stable oxygen solution made by nature. This solution is formulated with deep sea water that is rich in concentrated minerals and salts while containing a high dissolved oxygen content,
all of which give the skin quick absorption, moisture retention, and skin immunity.

Unique Oxygens Solution

Customized skin care ampoule

Customized skincare ampoule containing highly
concentrated oxygen carrying ingredient:
CEUTISOME and ingredients effective for various skin concerns.

OxygenCeuticals Technology.

OxygenCeuticals Skincare was developed through the combination of oxygen vitality and powerful formulations.
We continue to research skincare solutions that have passed strict quality certifications and offer technological innovation.