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 A model standing by the popular AstrodomeFacial LED Anion oxygen therapy aesthetic device by OxygenCeuticals.

Aesthetic System

"Breathe life into your skin"

OxygenCeuticals' mission is to deliver innovative technology for safer,
more effective post-procedure care.
Our post-procedure skincare solutions will revitalize the skin through the benefits of pure oxygen.
Our devices lift, firm, heal, soothe, and revive.
The perfect solution for any skincare or beauty professional.

HiFULDM Facial

The HiFULDM Facial is a non-invasive contouring treatment device for natural facial lifting and remodeling. It offers a powerful combination of OXY-FU (HiFU), OXY-FX (LDM), and OXY-RF (HiFrequency) for comprehensive anti-aging face and body care

CtrlZ Facial

The CTRLZFacial, the newest member of OxygenCeuticals' lineup, is a post-procedure all-in-one care system combining OxygenCeuticals' celebrated Oxygen Therapy and LDM solutions. Oxygen Therapy is a specialized post-procedure treatment program that heals damaged skin with pure O2, while HiLDM promotes collagen and elastin synthesis thereby lifting the skin via ultrasonic waves technology.


The Astrodome Facial is the world's first LPE dome mask with automatic anion releasing technology embedded to soothe post-treatment sensitive skin safely and effectively. It is a device with light pulsed energy, NIR, and anion-infusing capabilities to rejuvenate and improve a variety of skin conditions.


The OxyCryo is a specialized post-procedure treatment program to purify, soothe, and improve damaged skin by supplying the skin with oxygen and nutrients via contactless spraying. It instantly aids theskin's healing process by locking in moisture, reducing risk of infection, and speeding up skin cell regeneration.


The HiFULDM is a non-invasive ultrasonic treatment device for natural facial lifting and remodeling by combining two wavelength technologies into one platform. The HIFU, or high intensity focused ultrasound, is used for facial contouring and lifting. The HILDM, or high intensity local dynamic micro- massage, promotes collagen and elastin synthesis, hydration, and complex skin problem management.

OZ Portable

The OZ Portable is a compact and portable facial device used for Oxygen Therapy. Used in synergy with OxygenCeuticals' liquid based serums, this unit is equipped with a high pressure air sprayer used to infuse oxygen and serums deep into the skin.