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Rubber Bowl (with OxygenCeuticals Logo)

Rubber mixing bowl for DIY face masks (with OxygenCeuticals logo)



🍃 SIZE - Medium, Big. It comes in a beautiful white color with the OxygenCeuticals logo printed on it.

🍃 ODORLESS - This is odorless, does not have a harsh rubber smell as other rubber products do.

🍃 WASHABLE / RE-USEABLE - They are dishwasher friendly and can be re-usable again and again. Oil resistant and easy to clean.

🍃 HIGH QUALITY FOR AFFORDABLE PRICE - Compared to other Rubber Silicone Bowls, this one is light weighted, very stable, and flexible. The bottom bowl ring is very thick and hard which adds to the stability of the bowl. It will not fall easily.

🍃 MULTIPLE USES - Facialists can use it to mix skin facial masks, hairstylists can use it to mix hair tinting colors or hair masks, and male facial hair barbershops can use it to mix shaving soap cream or foam.


Multipurpose Rubber Mixing Bowl
Has a good grip that will fit perfectly on every user and it will not slip off easily.
Super easy to wash, clean & quick dry. You can hand-wash or clean with dishwasher.
It works also for mixing clays and other ingredients that can fit on the bowl.
There is no risk of contamination for chemicals being mixed and no unnecessary odor.
Does not melt easily and lasts for a long lifetime.
You will never waste anything when you mix because of its flexibility, you can easily get everything out of it.
It is sturdy so you can use it to mix powders, liquid, etc.
The perfect size to mix face masks, scrubs, zinc oxide powder for sunscreen, hair color and so much more.


The perfect mixing tool for Indoor and Outdoor places, including, but not limited to:
✔ Clinic
✔ Salon/Massage Spa
✔ Laboratories
✔ Home

Inside Package:
» Quantity: 1 count
» Material: Rubber
» Sizes: Large (500cc), Medium (400cc)
» Color: White