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Restore Your Skin Barrier, Retrieve Your Beautiful Skin

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Hot and humid weather suddenly turned around to cold and dry. The weather converting season bothers our skin by not giving any time to adapt to the change. A big temperature gap between morning and evening also give stresses to our skin, and this kind of external stresses destroys our skin barrier. The skin with […]

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4 Steps of Skin Care for Acne Prone Skin

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There are many reasons for skin break out. Imbalanced hormone secretion, irregular life cycle and external irritation from the environment. Recently, due to wearing masks all day, many people are suffering with skin troubles like pimple, acne, redness etc… We are wearing mask to stay healthy, but our skin is getting worse because of it. […]

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Ceutisome™ Stem Formula: The Oxygen Carrier for Your Skin

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OxygenCeuticals has recently released series of Ceutisome™. There are ampoules, boosters and STEM FORMULA that is most recently released. By the way, what is the “Ceutisome“? and why OxygenCeuticals emphasized this uncommon word on their new products? Actually, Ceutisome™ is OxygenCeuticals’ unique ingredient of cosmetic. OxygenCeuticals has patent on Ceutisome™, so that is the reason […]

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Base Makeup for Irritated Skin


In Korea, there is a hottest item among social network service(SNS) influencers. That is OxygenCeuticals Intensive Blemish Balm. It is as well-known as an Oxygen BB Cream. These days, many people are using BB Creams s as a kind of base makeup products. However, the origin of BB cream is quite interesting. BB Cream is […]

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Let Your Skin Breathe even when You are Wearing Makeup

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Last time, we learned how important the post-treatment care is. If you lost the last post, please read >>it<< first. You can soothe your skin with professional care, but honestly, it takes time to completely recover your skin. Sometimes the redness on your face make you hesitate going outside. Also, especially in this hot and […]

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