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Oxygen Waterful Lifting with HiFULDM

The skin starts aging from around the mid-20s. Although people say aging is natural for all living things but anti-aging has been a long-cherished wish from ancient times. Of course, many people still want to stop aging, at least slow down the aging. Thanks to the beaming progress of science technology, we can rewind the aging sign by various methods including plastic surgeries.

However, plastic surgery incurs not only unwanted vacation for recovery but also severe side effects sometimes. Probably this is the main reason people hesitate to get plastic surgeries. Well, there is good news for people who want to rewind age without any sign of surgery.

OxygenCeuticals has launched a new beauty device, HiFULDM, for Oxygen Waterful Lifting. What is HiFULDM? It is a beauty device combining HiFU and HiLDM. It stands for non-invasive ultrasound treatment for facial skin lifting & skin cell remodeling therapy.

Therapists can use HiFU and HiLDM according to the patients’ skin conditions with only one machine, so they can achieve convenience and multi-purpose therapy at once. Also, HiFULDM embeds user-friendly UI so not only professionals who are used to this kind of equipment but also first-stepping aestheticians are able to use it very easily.

Let’s look into the details of HiFU first. HiFU is an abbreviation of High-intensity Focused Ultrasound. It helps enhance the elasticity of the skin so it manages facial contour by lifting up the saggy skin. How it could be possible?

It is because the concentrated ultrasonic energy of HiFU forms a thermal coagulation point on a specific area of deep tissue. The coagulation points promote collagen synthesis of skin cells and result in the instant lifting of skin without damaging the epidermis. Thus, the patients can go back to their life without any required period of convalescence like plastic surgeries. Also, since the HiFU shoots highly-focused energy, it aims to the targeted area accurately. This means, after the HiFU treatment, patients will be given natural skin-lifting effects.

Then what is the HiLDM? It means High-intensity Localized Dynamic Micro-massage. Unlike other common micro-massage treatment devices, it provides 4 different frequencies (1, 3, 10, 17 MHz) in one handpiece. HiLDM allows solutions for complex skin problems by restoring the balance within the extracellular matrix(ECM) using the modulation stimulation of these 4 difference frequencies.

Each frequency reaches different depths of the skin layer. Especially for the 17MHz frequency reaches up to the interface between the dermis and epidermis which is the most relevant area with skin aging and denaturalization. As the frequencies reduce, the range that ultrasound can reach out to increase. So the HiFULDM stimulate all layers of skin to reactivate skin cells’ metabolism to produce collagen and elastin which is essential for youthful, firm, and glowing skin.

It is apparent that you can achieve synergetic results when you treat skin using HiFULDM with OxygenCeuticals’ skincare products. You can see the significant improvement of acne skin and lumps under the chin in the above clinical results.

For more details about the Oxygen Waterful Lifting therapy, you can refer to the video below.

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