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OxygenCeuticals Ceutisome V Lifting Protocol

There are many types of skin concerns as the change of people’s lifestyle, environmental, etc… ​And the skin types are getting complicated like dry
& aging, oily & acne-prone, sensitive. In this case, we have to cure the fundamental reason for these kinds of skin concerns. Here are the OxygenCeuticals’ unique skincare protocol, Ceutisome™ V Lifting Protocol.

What is Ceutisome? Simply, Ceutisome is a gas carrier which has a strong binding affinity to oxygen and carbon dioxide molecule. Based on scientific principles, Ceutisome was designed to mimic the structure of Hemoglobin that flows in our blood vessels, which is an oxygen-carbon dioxide carrier in our body. Thus, when Ceutisome comes to cosmetics, it delivers high-concentration of Oxygen directly to your skin.

Now, let’s move onto the application of this special substance in OxygenCeuticals. OxygenCeuticals provides an effective way to use this Ceutisome with its’ accumulated skincare know-how. Let’s look into the Ceutisome V Lifting Program.

OxygenCeuticals claims that the very first step of all skincare routines is cleansing. However, to achieve much effective result, we have to cleanse the skin clearly. Scaling is a kind of deep-cleansing for removing residues after cleansing or dead skin cells that inhibits the absorption of functional ingredients. The most featured point of OxygenCeuticals’ scaling step is it barely presses the skin. The spray gun connected to AstrodomeFacial(ADF) releases oxygen mist(Cryogenic Activator), and sprayed mist is wiped out gently so the wastes get removed clearly without irritation.

The next step is peeling. OxygenCeuticals suggests using Spicule Regentox. Spicule Regentox is an ampoule consisting of spicules extracted from natural sponges. Spicules have a lot of holes so when it penetrates into the skin, it creates paths that increase absorption of other nutrients and any other functional ingredients. Moreover, the skin recognizes these tiny holes as damage, so the skin cells promote self-recovery. As a result, the cell cycle is stimulated and the cell turnover gets normalized. Spicule Regentox is quite easy to use. You can just put an adequate amount of the ampoule and rub it gently.

You can relocate this step to MTS therapy. Spicule Regentox and MTS are base on the same principle. If you have sensitive skin to MTS or spicules, you can just apply exfoliants.

Third, apply Ceutisome Ampoule + Booster + Stem Formula according to your skin type and skin concerns. There are 4 types of Ampoules and Boosters. Let’s look over them.

  • Ceutisome Hydrating Ampoule / Ceutisome H Booster: these are the solution for dry skin.
  • Ceutisome Hyper Pigment Ampoule / Ceutisome P Booster: these are for hyperpigmented skin and dull complexion.
  • Ceutisome Wrinkle Effect Ampoule / Ceutisome W Booster: these are recommended to people who are concerned about wrinkle formation and saggy skin.
  • Ceutisome Oliycom Ampoule / Ceutisome O Booster: these are for hypersensitive and breakout-prone skin.

If you need more detailed information about these solution, please click HERE.

Ceutisome Stem Formula is a kind of oxygen booster that contains Ceutisome. When it is absorbed in the skin, it releases oxygen and takes off carbon dioxide from skin cells.

The next step is to use Bio Matrix Collagen Kit. The components of this kit are Bio Matrix Collagen Ball and Marine Collagen Ampoule Booster. As it is named, the collagen ball is made up of 90% marine collagen derived from sea algae and 10% of hyaluronic acid. Since the collagen ball was made by the frozen drying technique, it contains most nutrients undestroyed.

As you know, collagen is an essential substance for skin elasticity. It supports the structure of cells and makes the skin elastic. Moreover, the hyaluronic acid provides an amount of moisture into the skin so that it allows not only the plumped skin but also the brighter complexion.

The fifth step is AstrodomeFacial Treatment. AstrodomeFacials stands for post-procedure skincare equipment. It is a multi-functional beauty device including 3 types of LEDs, Oxygen & Anion mist, NIR therapies. 3 types of LED can be applied to your skin concerns.

  • RED (wavelength 630mm) LED penetrates into the dermal layer. It accelerates cell metabolism so which improves complexion and skin elasticity promoting the production of collagen.
  • BLUE (wavelength 465mm) LED arrives at the epidermis and fights with microbes that can cause acne. It is recommended to people who struggle with skin breakout.
  • VIOLET (wavelength 630mm +465mm) LED is the combination of REB and BLUE LED. It can achieve both benefits of RED & BLUE LED. It is good for soothing and relieving skin.

Some people might be worried about skin drying out during LED treatment but AstrodomeFacial solved the problem by adding mist phase between the LED treatments.

Some people might be worried about skin drying out during LED treatment but AstrodomeFacial solved the problem by adding a mist phase between the LED treatments.

OxygenCeuticals’ Oxygen Modeling packs contain 15~18% of alginates and diatomite. There are 3 options as well, so you can choose one according to your skin type.

  • Oxygen CT Mask stands for cooling and relieving the skin. It is recommended to irritated, redness-prone, and problematic skin.
  • Oxygen RT Mask is a moisturizing and soothing mask pack. It contains corn starch that is well-known for its various skin benefits. It is recommended to dry, sensitive, and wrinkly skin.
  • Oxygen VC Mask contains vitamin C and panthenol. It brightens skin with the powerful antioxidant, vitamin C. Also, panthenol moisturizes and replenishes skin so the skin becomes more elastic.

Before putting the modeling pack on the face, it is recommended to apply pack bases like Toning Gel, HA Gel, or Clarifying Mask to achieve the synergetic result.

Glutathione Ampoule follows the modeling mask treatment. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals. Not only the glutathione but also the GIGA WHITE, the 7 herbal extracts from the swiss alpine region, can provide brighter, younger-looking skin.

Finally, it is the finishing step. Use compatible skincare products as per each skin type. You can achieve a synergetic effect when you use OxygenCeuticals skincare products.

OxygenCeuticals provides a video for you to check the whole protocol.

OxygenCeuticals total care solution for all kinds of skin types. Why don’t you try Ceutisome V Lifting Program to reveal your natural beauty?

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